Atriom is a startup. It is a digitalized installation company. It is a platform that allows you to perform any type of installation anywhere in Spain

Our services

Installation of parking access control 

Smart Lock Installation

IoTs installation

Other services 

Solar panel installation

Installation of compensation batteries 

Technical documentation


How does Atriom work?

1. Upload your request

2. Let's do a pilot first

3. Grow together

Why use Atriom to perform your installations?


You are the boss. To perform any type of installation anywhere in Spain, you just have to indicate what you need and when!

Quick. Atriom is an installer platform that has the verified professionals associated with the platform.

Atriom is a digitized installation company.

Atriom offers you: technical solvency, assistance, certification of the work done and gives you guarantees!

We take your safety seriously

Our professionals provide us a detailed personal information and Atriom validates their work experience.

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Our working hours are from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.